Flight Computer

  • The CDH Team

The CDH (Command Data Handling) team programs the flight computer for the CubeSat.  The CubeSat runs on a BeagleBone microprocessor, which acts like the central brain for all of the tasks.  We make sure data is being sent from all of the sensors to the BeagleBone, process all of that data, and calculate what the satellite should do based on that data. Our main goal is to make sure everything always runs smoothly, and trying to predict any problem that our satellite could face, since there is no troubleshooting in space.  To accomplish this, we first determine where we are in space, and in which way we are pointing.  From there, we activate the controls to stabilize us, and monitor how much power we are using.  Once we are steady, we read the data from the detector, and after compressing it, send it to our radio so we can see all the data on the ground.